Recognizing songs on rhapsody

First off, I have the latest firmware versions of both the sansa fuze and rhapsody player. When I plug the fuze into the computer and sync it with rhapsody, it takes forever for rhapsody to scan for the songs that I have on the fuze. I can’t download any songs until it’s done scanning. It used to take about 20 minutes for it to be done with around 900 songs or so. Now it’s taking a half hour for rhapsody to scan just 200 of my songs. Any ideas to make it shorter?

With the latest revisions of the Fuze firmware, Rhapsody synchronization should sail along smoothly. 

With the Rhapsody client open, go to Help > About and let us know the Build number that displays.  Also, check on your Fuze for the installed firmware version: Settings > System Settings > Info, and let us know this version as well.


For Rhapsody I have v4.0 and build 5.209. For the Sansa Fuze I have v02.02.28A

I have the same issue.  I have noticed that if I only have subscription tracks on my Fuze the process moves along quickly and I can navigate through the Rhapsody client with no issues.  If I have mp3s (non subscription tracks) then I experience what you describe. It is annoying but I have been dealing with it.

I have just been using subscription songs. I have no mp3s on my fuze and I’m having this issue. And the Rhapsody software player moves very slowly and sometimes freezes up which is quite annoying when I wait a half hour for rhapsody to scan for the songs on the fuze and then it freezes up and I have to start all over again.

Should the rhapsody client freeze up, close the application, but don’t disconnect the Sansa.  Reopen Rhapsody and log in again.  It will still have your scanning process “remembered” as long as the device wasn’t unplugged.

Bob  :wink:

I’ll try that out. Thanks