My Sansa Fuze’s battery is drained, I cannot turn it on.  I connect it to my laptop which is on.  The computer see’s the device and the device is connected to the computer.  At first the I see the battery symbol w/ the charging symbol, but within a few minutes the charging symbol disappears and the battery symbol is still there and it is full.  I still cannot turn my device on.  I would like to know if the device is still charging and if it is how long will it take before I am able to turn the device on. 

Is the laptop connected to AC power when you plug in the player? If not, then try that. Some laptops cut power to the USB ports when running on battery power. Perhaps the firmware on the player might be corrupted, and that might be why it won’t turn on? Have you tried downloading and reloading the firmware?

My laptop is plugged in the WHOLE time.  I tried the Firmware Updater, the page is not found.

Forget about the updater. Reload the firmware manually.

The instructions for loading the firmware manually are in the sticky notes at the top of the Fuze page. You’ll need to figure out which version of the Fuze you have.