Recent Software Update Wipes EVERYTHING

So after owning this thing for almost 10 days, my drive ended up writing just over 200GB to itself, which is an issue in its own when my entire system install is only 90GB, but anway:

I download the software update today when it prompted me, restart as directed, and find that ALL of my cached data and “learned” frequent usage is just totally gone.    Now I need to have the SSD thrash itself again with another 200GB of writes in just over a week’s time while it learns my usage all over again.

Oversights like this are unacceptable, I’m RMAing the drive on monday. This problem, coupled with the background process consuming almost 1GB of RAM and the fact that the drive just REFUSES to stop writing gig upon gig every hour has put me off completely. I don’t want to spend my own money in postage when this thing inevitably goes due to an end of life problem.

Basically, you guys need to kick Condusive in the butt to polish their software. This kind of thing should never have made it to release, and software updates from them should never break everything.

The software also uses RAM for caching. This is normal. On a 64bit machine it will use up to 1GB of RAM if it is unused. It will not hold the RAM if it is needed by the system or an application. If a need for the RAM arises expresscache will immediately release the used RAM so the system or application can use it. 

As for your usage. Upgrade will cause a flush of the cache. This is normal for the application. Even with your high side usage as said before in other threads you are nowhere near the expected life of the drive. I do not think RMA would even be considered in your case. At any rate RMA would not be needed at all and would be a bit of overkill from your side. 


From previously setting up my system I instructed windows to use a large system cache. I will typically have the 1GB available for Express cache to operate. Is having a large cache for windows now redundant or even counterproductive?


One other note. This version populates the cache more quickly than the last version. (Assuming the upgrade is effectively starting my SSD Cache adventure from the beginning.)  If so thank you San disk for listening to our comments here.

Increasing the system cache is probably a little redundant. This software installs at the driver level and caches LBAs. Any I/O that would read any of the cached LBAs is redirected to the SSD so having a large system cache is not really necessary. 

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Thanks drlucky. I reset the registry setting to turn off large system cache