Receiving a Yahoo service unavailable error

Ive had my sansa connect for about 3 weeks now…the first 2 weeks it worked great I have a subscription to yahoo unlimited to go! but fo the last week it keeps telling me yahoo service unavailable wait a few moments and try again. im conneted to my wifi i seem to be conneted to my yahoo on it it just wont let me listen. Ive done all the resets even tried the recovery thing but that wouldnt work for me either. HELP PLEASE

Have you tried restarting your Cable/DSL modem and router.

Yes I acctually have a couple of times. I can use my husbands yahoo id and it works. but when i use my yahoo id (which is the one that has the to go subscription) it dosnt work. I assume its a yahoo issue but im still waiting on them to get back to me.

I expected you probably tried that.

What puzzles me is that you state it worked great for 2 weeks, but now is having the problem.

What model router do you have?

2 wire

I haven’t heard of any problems with 2 WIRE.

Send an email to describing what you wrote here.

thank you ill do that