Received clipzip as a gift and can't get it to work

There are a few problems that I can’t seem to figure out.

  • When trying to listen to a radio station, no sound.  I can see that the pause button is on in the upper right, but can’t simply hit the play button.  That responds with a “this station has been added to your preset.”
  • Can’t change or search radio stations.  It is stuck on 88.6 and that is not a locally supported frequency.  I can’t get it to go back to 88.5 or scan for another station.
  • I did not receive the USB cord with the gift so cannot perform any software update or the like.

Thanks for any get you can give.

As to the cable issue, any USB A - USB micro B 5-pin cable will work–these are now becoming the standard for cellphones, and so you may have one around, or you can buy one for a few dollars (e.g -—p-59661.aspx?OrderBy=1&pagenum=2&RatingSortByYN=0&).