Rebuilding the original root directory

Hi @ll,

I hope someone can help me out with my interesting problem :slight_smile:

My brother deleted some hidden system files and maybe even folders on my beautiful player! My actual problem is, that I’m not able to perform a factory reset (if it would help) that rebuilds the original root directory etc. I’m even not able to navigate in my folders or settings on the player, as I can’t see anything! The screen is just red…

So maybe if someone could help by, IDK, sending me or uploading the original tree or root directory with the system files…? Or maybe if you have other ideas, I’m open for it :slight_smile:


a desperate sansa clip zip user

The system files are indeed “hidden” so they cannot be accidentally deleted or erased. A factory reset would not help as that only resets your personal settings. If you can connect the palyer to your computer, you can manually re-install the firmware or format the player. In either case, any necessary files will be re-created upon re-startup.

But before doing either of these procedures, try resetting the player (if you haven’t already) by holding the power button for at least 20 secs. If that doesn’t work, try a bit longer; there have been some stubborn cases where it took over a minute of holding the power button before it reset.

Hi Tapeworm,

well what should I say… IT WORKED! ^^

the resetting process altough didn’t work, the format didn’t help either but the installation of the firmware did it :slight_smile:

and maybe now I’ll try the rockbox firmware but in the meantime

thx a lot!!!