Really weird experience with YAPL

Context: 4GB internal + 4GB card; V01.02.28A

I recently added a bunch of songs to my (PC based) library, reorganized, and did a complete update.  I deleted all songs on the Fuze and did a drag-and-drop to reload (MSC mode).  Worked fine.

Then I used Winamp to create a new playlist, using its Randomize.  Still fine.  I switched to YAPL to convert the playlist to .pla and then things went to hell!

When YAPL started, it would start “Updating media list” (or something like that) and hang shortly.  “Cancel” didn’t work, neither did its close (“X”) button.  I had to use Windows Task Manager to kill it.  At that point, I couldn’t access the Fuze either!  Windows Explorer showed the Fuze in My Computer, but none of its contents.  Sometimes I would get endless popups from YAPL about not being able to read specific Fuze song files.  

There was nothing wrong with the Fuze, but I did have to un-USB it, OFF-ON the power, and start over.

Then, my mouse froze!

I won’t go into all the frustration and agony of trying to get this to work.  In the end it was a USB problem!  Both my mouse and the Fuze were on a USB hub.  Putting the mouse on a motherboard USB “solved” it.  The drag-and-drop worked OK with them both on the hub, but YAPL didn’t.

The Fuze is great, but if it could just be as trouble free as playing LP’s on a stereo, it would be perfect.