really confused

woz wondering if any one can help me i have a 4gb microsd memory card i bought for an lg cookie but the lg cookie only takes a 2gb which i woz not told about, anyway i recently bote a new fone that will take the 4gb memory card i hav but for some reason the microsd memory card is now only reading 2gb in all fones, has anyone got any ideas how i can change the memory card back to its original storage size i hav tried everything to no availl

Would it help to reformat the card, using your computer?  It probably couldn’t hurt to try.

If you have formatted the card using your LG Phone w/c only accepts 2GB card, more likely it partitioned it to 2GB only. Try to format it as  Miikerman suggested. You may also try HP Formatting Tool to bring back the full space of the card.

Where did you purchase the card? It could be a knock off card