RealAudio Protected

I’m ust wondering if anyone knows if I should be able to download a RealAudio Protected (.rax) file onto my Sansa Fuze (it’s looking doubtful, but I’m trying to be hopeful).  I unknowingly purchased a song in this format and neither Windows Media Player nor my Fuze seem to recognize it.  This is a major disappointment.  Any knowledge on this subject would be helpful.



No, what you’ll need to do is burn it to a CD, then rip that back into an MP3. I bought a few songs that way, and they sound OK re-encoded to MP3.

Thanks bdb for your input.  I do have some good news to report, though.  It may depend on where one buys the song, but I figured out how to make it work with the BestBuy Digital Music Store where I bought the song.  It’s nothing difficult; just a matter of using their interface to sync with rather than going to WMP or simple drag-and-drop.  Peace is restored in my little world.

Thanks again,