real power required ? usb powering?


I intend to use my SSD connected to the ESATA plug of my laptop.

but the back of my sandisk SSD shows 1.6A required , which means 8 Watts (1.5x5V).

Question: Can I use my (still unpacked) SSD on usb-power ( as I can get up to 1A on a special plug)?

or it simply won"t start, or worse I might incur a risk of failure (like a data-write failure) on a demanding task?


PS: A figure of 8 Watts is more consistent with what Anandtech finds for Drive power Consumption (over 4 watts for a sandisk extreme II) than with what is said on specs pages or what I could find on the forum (something like 0.2 watts i think).

The lower power rating listed in the specs is the average power consumption. The higher number listed on the label is the Max power consumption under load. I use one of the SSD’s in a USB 3 enclosure all the time and have not seen any issues. You should be good to go. 

Hi Alsan, I was just curious on this. Were you able to set this up already and how did it go?