Readycache with SSD + HDD

Hi there,

Does the readycache work if I have an SSD (OS) + HDD (Other files) in my system? Will the readycache cache the files in the ssd? 

No, it seems the software was only designed to work with HDD. 

Yes but is it smart enough to ignore caching from an os ssd if you have other drives on the system that could benefit from the



nm i guess u answered it already, good its smart enough to ignore ssds.

In my experience it is not smart enough…

I’ ve OS on SSD and readycache.

It still freezes for 5-10sec while my windows is booting.

I think if it’ s smart enough, there shouldn’ t be a freezing problem while my OS is booting.

Hm, just reinstalled windows with it and a sandisk ultra 2 ssd, so we shall see, so far its not stalling out windows boot.

I found out the hard way that amd ahci sata drivers are terrible and were dragging down my system though, that and cool n quiet on and older phenom/ athlon2 type system …and had terrible sata drivers back then apparently, you are better off with the windows default sata ahci drivers.

From so long ago, but amd in its infinite wisdom seems to include the horrible driver in its newest catalyst driver package even, so they never fixed it for those old controllers.