ReadyCache with ReadyBoost ?

hello world,

I have just read on this forum that ReadyCache can be formatted and used like an ordinary SSD,

and I understood that in this case ExpressCache is not functional.

Somebody already tried to use ReadyBoost of Windows? Why not …

I plan to buy this ReadyCache, but I am afraid of all the problems which I read here with ExpressCache !


If you format the SSD so windows can use you should use it for readyboost. That said I have never seen any benchmarking that proves readyboost actually increases performance. 

If the SSD is formatted so windows can use it then the expresscache software can’t use it. expresscache uses its own proprietary file system. 

That said if your active x and .net are up to date and working correctly you should not see an issue. Also make sure you are not using a dynamic partition for you c drive. 

ReadyBoost only supports 4 GB of memory. In addition, this system is much less steep than one ExpressCache only 4 GB
So, needless to try this solution which is not one :slight_smile:

Since a few days I am working with ReadyCache/ExpressCache.

drlucky & coolreporter, you are right : I note all the improvements quoted in this forum.  The installation did not have any problem and the status of the cache indicates 20-25 G.

That’s the best solution,
I thank you here for your good advices.