Readycache keeps resetting

My Readycache keeps resetting the cache.  It grows to somewhere between 2 and 4GB, then just drops to 0.07 when it starts to build up content again.  

There are no error messages, nothing in the event logs, nothing in the Condusive logs.

The Cache Monitor is also acting a little strange - every few minutes the “System Read” and “Cache Read” totals drop to zero but the cache remains the same.

I’ve reinstalled the s/w three times and this hasn’t helped.  I’ve also reseated the Cache and tried a different SATA port.

Has anyone got a fix for this?  It’s really frustrating.


i dont know if that will really help but you can try the following steps with the ssd

The only fix is to buy a real ssd and trash the ReadyCache.Tried every sugestion, multiple PCs multiple HDDs and even replaced the ReadyCache with another ReadyCache. Resets still happening several times a day. Sandisk should recall this and offe a free upgrade to a real SSD.