Ready Cache - System Freezes under Windows 10

Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10 (and even after a fresh install of Windows 10) my computer would sometimes freeze after 30 minutes - latest after a couple of hours. By freeze I mean that the computer keeps running - but that I can no longer move the mouse or do anything except switching the computer off “the hard way”.

So I started disconneting or switching off components to figure out which device might have a driver problem causing the freezes.

And guess what … Ever since I disconnected ReadyCache from my mainboard the freeze problem disappeared.

Therefore two questions:

a) Anybody else here in the forum experiencing the same problem?

b) If its a known issue, will this be fixed with an upcoming ReadyCache driver version?

Needless to say, I would like to continue using my ReadyCache drive …

try formatting the SSD and allow expresscache to start the cache over. This could be a problem with the cached data. 

Tried that already with no luck … unfortunately. Just connected ReadyCache after writing this post again to double-check (freshly-formatted). And boom … after 10 minutes (Cache filled up to around 1GB) the harddrive starts to be 100% loaded and the computer freezes. :frowning:

Double-checked a few things again this week:

  • Checked SMART values - disk is fine.

  • If I use the SSD as regular volume also no crashes and system hangs (did that during the last two weeks).

But right after I reinstalled the Readycaching Software I got System Freezes again … Its really frustrating.