ready cache does not accept activation key

some half year ago everything was running perfect. Now suddenly the Ready Cache software is disabled.

Have Win7 x32 and version 1.0x running. All later versions I could not install. Any attempt ended in a blue screen and I had to go back to a restore point. Otherwise I would upgraded to a later version which does not request the activation key.

Now my question:
Can I extract any ini file or reg key  from a backup image of the time when it still worked to get it running again or can the SanDisk Support do something with my Key so that I can activate the software again? I must add that I had - for test purpose - already installed the device once in my laptop. Mybe this is why my key is marked as “disabled”?

Thank you for any clue.


Key isn’t required anymore, hasn’t been used for a while.

Grab the latest software from here

and install. It won’t need/ask for a key. From the support page

Note: Version 1.2.0 and higher of ExpressCache does not require an activation code; please disregard the activation code insert that came with your product.

got the same problem again and as I wrote before I can not install a later version of the ready cache software as I get a blue screen each time I try and after that have to go back to a restore point.

Isn’t there a license file in my backups from the time everything was working that I can restore?