Read the box people

Pretty much what the subject says… I didn’t feel like typing this in EVERY thread even though it appears to be an issue in EVERY thread. There are so many pointless posts of people complaining about functions that the player supposedly has… but when you look on the box, sure enough, it’s NOT listed… I wonder why that is… maybe because that function isn’t available… *gasp*

Connect - No FM Radio… not on the box

View - MSC doesn’t work like it’s supposed to… MSC not listed, and is not a supported means right now of transferring content. Once/if it’s a feature accessable in the GUI, THEN complain

E200v1 - Doesn’t play .AA files… not on the box

sorry if this seems like a rant, but I (and I’m sure others) are tired of seeing posts about functions that DON’T exsist for the players…