re-install sansa clip

How can I re-install my Sansa Clip without signing up for Rhapsody?

Rhapsody is not required to operate your Sansa.  You can transfer your music to the Sansa directly from the PC, or use a media manager of your choice, like Windows Media Player, Winamp, Media Monkey, and others.

You don’t have to subscribe to Rhapsody, you can even use the Rhapsody client to manage your music files is desired.


Thanks!   After my computer was wiped out by a virus, I used the installation disk to re-install but have not completed the re-installation because I have to select Rhapsody to continue the re-installation. 

No installation is needed for the general operation of the Clip.  The only installation that could be needed is a reinstallation of the firmware, if it had become corrupted.  (Or for an upgrade of the firmware.)   Otherwise, installation only is needed if you want the (paid) Rhapsody subscription service (or Rockbox, alternative firmware).