RE-install backup manager 16G Ultra flash drive

long story short. 

Had a problem last week with my new 16G flash and wound up having to exchange it for another.  Kept asking me to format the drive when I wanted to access it,  this was after I had 12G of data on it.

So,  got my new one and immediately formatted it,  why,  cause I didnt want the same problem.  Well, I’ve whiped the backup manager right off of there.  Where can I download this fine piece of software ?

Thanks in advance guys


Oxford, AL


Here ya go for those with the same problem:

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Here ya go for those with the same problem:

Thanks for posting the solution.  I’m sure it’ll help others in the future.

I thought this was my issue but when I try to extract the zip files to the usb, an error message says that the item is no longer located in the computer. The computer recognizes that the flash drive is plugged in because it is in the safely remove hardware menu, but it seems as if it can’t recognize the path to the flash drive.

It sounds like you may have a bad download.  See if you can unzip the exe to your hard drive then copy it to the USB drive.  If you can’t unzip it then the download is bad and you will need to redownload the file.