RE-Formatting c250 - How I did it !! I had a brick for a while . Thanks mengel

I don’t know much about computers.

The problems are greatly varied but my problem was answered by below:

Instead of entering “Recovery Mode”  I was referred to a website that told me how to go into “Diagnostic Mode” .


Put “Lock ON”  ;

Hold down “Down Button” and then hold down “Menu Button” both at same time .  *** THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN RECOVERY MODE . *****

A bunch of options will flash through the screen .

I just released the “Menu” button and then the "Down " button for lack of anything else to do .

It showed some options I didn’t need .

But then I Pushed the 12 o’clock  =  “Up” button and it gave the option to Re-Format !!!

I followed instructions to Re-Format which was to push the 3 o’clock button =  “Next/Forward” button to start Re-formatting .

Within a minute it was done and had brought up the Language Selection prompt  !!!

I checked the settings for system info for the memory and it was right on the money !!

I made sure USB = Auto-Detect .

I  turned it off and hooked up to the Computer PC and it recognized the c250 in Windows Media Center .

I transferred a playlist to test it out .

Everything works fine !

I have Windows 7 64 bit OS

Sansa c250 MP3 player  .

I hope I help some people out !

Thanks for the contributions to forum .