Re: complications due to mac

I downloaded some music onto a new Clip  (via PC) on Wednesday with no problems, then a friend of my husband’s decided to ‘help’ and downloaded music via his mac.  Now all i get is a “no free space for Music DB.   please free 4 MB” when i plug it into my PC.  All that i can see when i pull up the music file on the computer is the stuff from the mac.  How do i remove everything he did and start over inly using my PC.  Please help this was my daughter’s birthday present and she is upset that it is not working already.

There are posts here on this.  You may want to seach on them using the search box above.

I have tried but everything i see discusses conversion from pc to mac.  I need pc to mac to pac.

ok…here is the situation…when you plug in PC…it’s in MTP mode…when you plug in your MAC, it’s MSC mode…now, if you transfer music until the device is full when you use the MAC, then you have used up all the space on your device…so, when you unplug it from your computer, the device will try to build your music database…however, since you’ve used up all of the space, there is no space left (at least 4MB) for the device to build the music database and therefore it cannot start up…so, what you need to do is force your device into MSC mode (slide button to HOLD, then press-n-hold WHILE plugging in your computer) and then go to your music folder and delete out at least 4MB, preferrably 8MB so that your device can have space to build the database…once you’ve finished deleting 4MB or more, unplug from your computer and your device should be okay