Re: Cannot get Sandisk E260 to be recongnized on my computer Vista...HELP!!!

My Sansa was working great Thanks to neutron_bob! But my Rhapsody expired and I put it away for a while…well renewed Rhapsody and BINGO…does not work again! What the HELL??? Now I get an error code Oxc00d2772. Cannot find player. I tried everything…sync it…make sure time is correct! HELP!!! Bob are you out there!!!   ANYONE!!   HELP! 



No need for duplicate posts!

Sorry…any help?

Thanks for all your help??

Sorry, neutron_bob is the only one here that I know of that uses and has a high level of familarity with Rhapsody. Unfortunately, he doesn’t frequent the forum as much as he used to.

The only thing I can suggst at this point is to remove the back plate (4 small screws) and take out the battery for a minute or so, which will in essence perform a ‘hard’ reset. Replace the batery and back plate and see if it will connect to your computer then.

You might also try posting your dilemma over on the anythingbutipod forums. Ther may be someone over there that can help you with Rhapsody if Rhapsody’s support website and/or forums don’t yield any assistance.

Good luck! :smiley:

Thanks!   Do you think taking out the battery will then lose all the songs or not sure??  

Yeah Bob was a great help…I hope he logs in again soon!

@genesis65 wrote:

Do you think taking out the battery will then lose all the songs or not sure??  


No, only formatting will erase the file memory. Pulling and resetting the battery will not, so your files will still be there. You will however, have to reset your clock, FM presets, and any personalized settings (Backlight, Power Saver, etc.), but that’s minor stuff.

Great…I will try that…thanks so much!


Not sureif this will help but can you try to do a simple Windows updates and see if it makes a difference?