re: **bleep** refuses to allow to be ejected

I have repeatedly tried to eject the sandisc without success

no matter what error messages come up stating IN USE when its not

in use…somehow its constantly in the on mode with lite on, etc?

even when I shut computer down and go into device settings

and ask to eject…shutting down and rebooting doesn;t help?


What programs are running?  Xplorer2 does this to me sometimes, and mediamonkey can on occasion.

Just unplug it.  If you’re really worried, shut down before you unplug, but I’ve never had a problem.

Or go to Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DELETE) and close the Processes of music programs, Media Programs, iPod Service, etc.,  and try again. 

I’ve got an external hard drive that also never ejects. I just make sure I’m not writing to it and unplug it. 

Wow, livin’ dangerously!