random switch off of sansa fuze


i bought 2 sansa fuze a few days ago. Now i have the problem that both devices are switching off after a random period of time. After that they can only switched on again by the procedure: trying a software reset (hold the power on switch for about 10 seconds), release the switch (the sansa won’t start) and switch on the sansa as usual. The fuze starts with refreshing the database.

This behaviour is neither depending on the energy saving mode nor on the sleep mode. I have changed both timers and watched what will happen with the fuzes.

I am very confused about this. First i thought that the first device which shows this error has a bug. The second one was not often used and did not show the error so i changed the content of the fuzes. But now i see that this happens with the second device too.

What am i making wrong? 

Bye, Frank

I’m not sure, but maybe one of the music files is corrupt, does it happen on a particular song that it turns off?   If so try deleting that file.  There are MP3 file checkers, that might help identify mp3 file format issues.

My second thought was it could be Tag ID’s in version 2.4 vs 2.3 (but i don’t think it will cause lockups,  just won’t recognise tags from this version.)  so i don’t think it would be that. 


Also Check out Bob’s message above,   He had an album art that was too large, that caused random turning off.

Check your firmware and update it too the lastest version.   There is a firmware post at the top of the Fuze’s forum.   you can find your version looking under settings > system info.

Hi niko_sama,

i think that the firmware is the latest (01.01.22F). But i will try the hint with a mp3 checker although it is a random switch off means it happens with different mp3 files (who knows, maybe several files are corrupt). So it is worth a check.

Do you have more infos about what especially to check or what is a good mp3 file for the sansa fuze? Bob’s message will be checked by me too, but i don’t have any album arts.

Bye, Frank