Random Play?

Is there a way for random play of the songs loaded?
And what about the shaker feature? I am using it but it just goes to the next song of the predefined order? Is this correct? In the manual it says that it skips randomly to a next song.

it should shuffle…by default, it’s always shuffled so it should not go to the predestined order.  Are you sure about that?

Our player does exactly the same thing.  Rarely, it will go to a random song, but usually it just goes to the next song.  I have read the manual and know how to use the shaker feature.  Hopefully there is a firmware update in the works.

I can confirm this as well. I have been testing out the Shaker. It plays all the tracks in order - it is not “shuffling” at all. Shaking it just skips ahead in the playlist a few songs.

I was hoping it was indeed on permanent shuffle, or at least that shaking it would go to a completely random song.

No matter, it is still a cool little device. 

The shaker will not shuffle. If you want random songs, then you’ll probably need to change the title and add a number in front (i believe its alphabetical) so 01 02 03 etc

 According to the manual, the shake feature will randomly skip to another song. BUT - this is only the case if the files are stored on the root of the card, not when they are in folders.