Random album art

Ok I just upgraded to an 8 gig fuze from a sansa 1 gig.

I followed some advice and after charging it I changed the mode to MSC to make it act like a regular flash drive.

I then formated it.  I assume formating just erased the sample music, pics, and video.  (I then had 7.50 gig of free space, seems like I should have more)

Finally I updated the firmware.

I started adding my music, then I wanted to create a play list.  I tried using WMP 10 but I couldn’t save it as pls.

So I downloaded the playlist creator 3 drom this site: http://www.soft32.com/download_66536.html.

In MSC mode there was no folder for playlist, even though I made one it didn’t work.

I changed it back to auto find mode, put it in the playlist folder, still didn’t work.

I’m 90% sure this started happening after I tried the playlist:  Random songs that didn’t have an album cover suddenly do.  It’s AC/DC’s Highway to hell.

The only song I have from that album is the title track.  The albums that had their own covers still do.  And not every song that had no cover has the AC/DC cover.

Should I just move everything off of the fuze, and format it again?  I think that might fix it.

Message Edited by Sonic on 11-28-2008 04:21 PM

I’ve been having a similar issue, and every now and then, the album cover appears to be porn!  I’ve put no such filth on my Fuze, I just figured that’s what happens when you use LimeWire, but I dunno how to remove it…

Porn would be kinda funny on a little screen like that, wouldn’t it? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that any of us would do such a morally repugnant thing