radio won't recognize sansa clip

I just got a new RCA radio that you’re supposed to be able to plug any mp3 player into to listen to it and record directly from a cd onto the mp3 player. However the radio won’t recognize the clip. It says no songs are detected and the clip instantly goes into charge mode. RCA said to change the clip into MSC mode which I did but it still won’t work. The feature on the radio works just fine with a flash drive though. Anything I’m missing or does the clip not work with radios like this?


It sounds like a issue the radio than the Sansa Clip.

The only reason that I ask if the clip doesn’t work when plugged into the radio is because my sister’s ipod works just fine with the radio.

My hunch is, you’re connecting to the Clip via the Clip’s USB, right?  In that case, I think the Clip thinks it’s being connected to charge and goes into charge rather than play mode, given the connection being made (the same thing that happens when you connect the Clip via USB to your computer).  The suggestion given here to people who want to connect to their computer to play the Clip rather than simply to charge is to use a data only USB cable (that is, no charging possible) or to cover up certain of the central pins of the USB cable (I don’t recall which ones–you can try searching here)–perhaps that likewise will work with your situation.