Thanks to those who have given me a response.  Another problem I’m looking for a solution/reason for.

About two Fansa Expresses ago, I got a replacement because the FM Radio was playing but I couldn’t hear it.

The latest one (my fourth since September!!) was received yesterday.  I started setting my presets, then it got stuck and wouldn’t accept another.  I pressed the ‘up’ arrow (on top of the square button on the front) and a square ‘blob’ appeared on the LED under the wave length.  I immediately lost the sound.  I had only had it 5 minutes and I hit a problem!  I tried pressing everything, my music played, but no sound when I returned to the radio.

I left it, and somehow it unblocked and the sound came back after some time.

Can anyone explain this phenomenon. 

Am I just unfortunate to experience so many problems with this seemingly simple piece of technology???

thanks in advance for any future replies and help.