Quick question!

Hello, I’m fresh new in the forum so sorry if my post is in the wrong place.

I received my player yesterday and I just love it. The touch controls are easy and fun to use it and the UI is pretty intuitive, but there is one thing i don’t know how to do. Let’s say you are playing all the songs from an artist and you wanna choose another specific song from the same artist, you have to go back in the artist section then the album section from the artist and then open the album in which the song is and select, but this will change the current list, it will no longer be all the songs from the artist, but all the songs from the album instead.
My question is. Is there a way to select a song from the current songs playing without blindly taping/swiping until the song?

Hope i made myself clear, english is not my first language. Thank you very much, Marcos.