Quick question having to do with pocket projectors

I purchased a pocket projector awhile back for some personal meetings I had to do. I still use it once in awhile but I want to get more mileage out of it. I want to buy a Fuze (not really a fan of apple products) and I found a really good deal on one locally. My question is: what kind of video out capabilities does the fuze have? Would it be easy to hook up to my projector? From what I can tell, the aaxa p2 pocket projector has vga, a/v out, headphone jacks, and a miniusb port. I can’t seem to find a “sansa fuze” cable on the aaxa site so i’m trying to find out what I’ll need to get before i pick up the fuze. 

http://www.aaxatech.com/products/p2_pico_projector.htm - click on accessories. they only have ipod/psp/zune. Does the fuze a/v out like the zune? that might work if it does. please help!

Right now i’m just putting video and images directly on the unit but it only has 1gig of onboard memory. I was thinking of getting the fuze to double up as something I can both use to watch videos and go to the gym with. 



It doesnt really. There has been some talk about how to do it with some DIY re wiring of some stuff, but Ive never heard of any success with that. The View is the only Sandisk player that I have ever heard of that has a real video out set up.

The Sansa View video out works reasonably well.

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Thanks. That makes sense. I’ll look in to the view.

The thing about bringing on a netbook or something is that while small, the netbook is still a hefty piece of hardware when you talk portability.  

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The Nano has 640x480 vid-out; the View has 320x240. You don’t like Apple toys, but for this one it’s a no-brainer. The View was intended to compete w/ the Nano, but it’s been around since 2007 and is ready for the glue factory.

If you want small, the smallest (and cheapest) is a uSD chip. Your P2 already has the best media player of any PMP unit. For complementary DAP, get Fuze for audio-only.

Then again, the View is being shoveled out the door w/ at $45 for a 8GB refurb and $75 new. 16GB new is $85. Perfect for bargain hunters–at least until they try to use the dynamite SMC. Cue sounds of grown men crying.