1. Is there any place where Express Cache keeps a log of what happened? The cache resets are making me crazy and can’t find any reason of this happening. I don’t think it’s a hardware issue.
  2. I see the technology that Sandisk uses for this is from Condusiv. Is there qwe can contact them directly and/or buy an updated product from them?
  3. Is there any other software that can do what Express Cache is supposed to do?

To tell, I am not unhappy with the product, but several things need to be improved and this is going so slow. Most of the time ReadyCache has performed well except for some small freezes that happen from time to time when the cache starts to get full.



I’ve seen this on event viewer. I assume this is where th main problem is. So could be hardware

El dispositivo, \Device\Harddisk1\DR1, tiene un bloque defectuoso.

That means that the device has a defective block.

Any low level format tool from Sandisk?

I’ve done a scan using HDDScan, which support SSDs according to the manufacturer. I erased the full SSD with it and no bad blocks were found.

However, I did a verify of the SSD and 11461 bad blocks were found.

I suppose it’s normal for SSDs to wear out, but shouldn’t the ReadyCache keep track of those bad blocks to not use them again?

SMART values don’t either seem to get updated

When a bad block is found, it’s logged on the event viewer and the cache will restart!


I’ve tried to use HDAT to do a full wipe of the disk and did several tests with it. Bad blocks have been found and the SSD’s firmware doesn’t seem to be relocating them. SMART’s “Uncorrectable errors found” RAW values updated, but it doesn’t show any error or warning on Windows’ software such as CrystalDiskInfo, but it does show as a warning in HDAT2

The SSD seems to be completely defective, as I tried it again and when the cache resets to 0, a defective bad block event is logged on Windows Event Viewer.

It seems that SSDs are not ready to handle caching, so much constant writing, reading and erasing



best to use the sandisk ssd dashboard to check SMART. if it shows similar issues as the other tools you are using contact sandisk support to check the warranty status. 

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