Questions & comments of new users

Hi, just get my Sansa Clip + this morning :wink: ,  2 hours of listening non stop, trying new functions etc… in 3 words : i Love it :slight_smile: i just discover “high volume” option and WOW !!!, the radio is more powerfull and precise then my Sangean portable !! (i live close to Eiffel tower which is Difficult to listen radio without disturb frequencies counter to what you can think)

Some questions :

Does we can have RDS function ? (name in France and Europe of system who let us read the name of radio station rather then 89,56Mhz…) i do a search here, a guru here said yes, no more info on how or if it’s realized yet or later.

We do not have a Stop button ? for mp3 playing song (other then pause button) or when listening radio, i feel i’ll like a Stop button…

When listen radio, is it possible to use the “select” button to go back from one station to another ? : now i click on it and he go to next one station i added on preset stations , but , if i want to go back ?.. you can add a new feature like press on “home” button + “select” button make him go to past station rather then next station ?

Power saver : stop Sansa if i listen to many selected mp3 ong and don’t touch any button ? (which can happen to me)

The place to put card slot is not protected, i run on a place with kind of sand, if small sand particule come on it that can damage it i guess ?.. maybe give a kind of piece with same format of a card slot (fake) to just put something on it for protect, that’s just a suggestion.

Thank’s for the good job :wink:

  1. Clip+ doesn’t include an RDS FM decoder. You just tune-in frequencies, and that’s it.

  2. Clip+ doesn’t include an STOP function button. The pause buton has same effect, then you can just use the back/forward buttons to start over again or skip to next tracks.

  3. You can only use the middle button to skip next radio preset. To change to another radio frequency, you need to go manually from presets menu.

  4. Clip+ automatically stops when playback folder/album/artist/playlist ends. Make sure you have repeat function disabled. Also make sure you have setup the sleep setting. (number of minutes of non-playback scenario after the player shuts down by itself).

  5. I use a 1$ usd 64mb microsd card to protect the Clip+ MicroSD slot. Unfourtunately, you will need to buy some rubber case or occupy the slot with an memory card to protect the player in such scenarios.

Hope i eased your search for answers. 

It would be nice for the Clip+ to ship with a plastic dummy microSD card, to occupy the slot.