Questions about the Sansa Fuze before I buy one

I am considering buying a Sansa Fuze 2GB MP3 player.  My question is, can I program song playlists into it or will I need a special program for that?

Also, will a SanDisk 16GB microSD card (not microSDHC) work in it?

Thanks in advance!

you can create playlists with Windows media player or use M3U playlists with a little tweaking. 

all sandisk 16GB micro cards are SDHC FYI and yes it will work. 

And there’s a playlist creator program here for download that works quite well

Really?  I bought a 16gb Sandisk card on ebay yesterday but it doesn’t say SDHC on it.

Even though there’s no “HC” in the picture (which appears to be a CG rendering btw, and not an actual picture), it’s certainly an HC card.

Darn.  If I had known that, I probably could have gotten it for a lot cheaper.  Oh well.  You live, you learn.

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Playlists can be created with Windows Media Player/Winamp/whatever you like to use. Alternatively, video4fuze, a superior replacement to SMC also does playlists. Oh, and there’s the GoList function in the player - kind of a playlist that you can control with the fuze.