Questions About The 8/31 Firmware Update

Does anyone know if Sandisk plans to change anything besides just the Yahoo Stuff with this new update. Such as adding a Clock or Changing the Menu system to the ones on the View & Fuze?

I hope that the new update fixes all the freezing going on with mine and a the menu of the Sansa View on the Sansa Connect would be real nice, not only that but a MSC mode would fix everything for me.

Looking foward to this new update.

Oh man MSC mode would be so amazing on the connect.

Has anyone recieved the update?

I still dont have the update where is it?

to day is 01.09.2008 , where is new firmware? my sansa connect is connected to wifi for 30 minute but it is dont update.

i forced my player to go to recovery mode… i just hope that the recovery tool will install the new one…


we still have to wait… :cry: 

Is the new firmware coming or is it gonna stay the way it is?

If the firmware is coming i would like to know when it will be here because i am still expecting it.

This is ridiculous. I’ve been waiting 6 months for the update. I know it won’t do much good for the Connect but I heard lots of great  things are gonna happen to it but I am not sure.

Offical Notice From Sandisk Reps:


Thank you for contacting SanDisk Technical support.

The Sansa Connect update has been rescheduled. Please check our website for announcement on when it will be resumed.

Should you have any other concern with our products, please reply to this email.

Best regards,
Jaeson Philip G.
SanDisk Technical Support 

I couldn’t find it when is the rescheduled date.

Im not sure they never gave an excat date

Hey I am not sure about this but I downloaded the Sansa Firmware Updater then I connected my connect. The program recognized it but didn’t find any updates for it. Will the program ever find updates for it?

How do you install the software from recovery mode to the sandisk?? I have been trying all, but nothing helps :-(:womansad:)

@marqck wrote:
i forced my player to go to recovery mode… i just hope that the recovery tool will install the new one…

I heard that the update is postponed until October or November 6th or 7th.

Well lucky for me?? I just bought mine today. This ■■■■■ i wouldn’t have bought it and wasted 1/2 my day dowloading everything had I read this stuff first. I am very disappointed already…

lucky you just bought it today. i would return it to the store.

Was the update ever scheduled?  Mine won’t download the old update or anything, it has been connected since 9am this morning.