Questions about Sansa Updater and more

OK.  I know some of this question has been asked before, but I don’t think the rest has.  Perhaps someone can straighten me out.  Here’s what happens:

I connect my Sanse e280 in MSC mode.  It says WRITING.  And says WRITING.  And continues to say it for hours.  I disconnect the device.  I’ve done this two ways:  1) I just pull the USB connector out; or 2) I actually stop using XP and then disconnect the cable.  Then, it says REFRESHING DATABASE.  It continues until it’s done and turns itself off.  When I check, the firmware has NOT been updated.

What am I doing wrong?  Any help would be appreciated.

Irene in Seattle

what firmware version is currently on the device?


I think it’s the latest for the Americas.    Thanks!

I think I see why it’s not updated.   I was expecting to get the .20P version, but that’s not for English.

Thanks, all!

Just got the view. there are some updates for the firmware somewhere in a forum thread.