Questions about Sansa Express 1GB

Hello!  I just got my Sansa Express 1GB yesterday.  I found many problems with it:

  1. During copying files, I always got an error message like “the device has stopped working or connection is broken”.  I won’t be able to copy any more files after that.  I have to unplug the player and replug in it again in order to copy more files.  What’s wrong with this?  BTW, I have checked that I have latest BIOS.

  2. My files are titled like 01xxx, 02xxx, 03xxx etc.  However, when it shows, it displays in the revised order.  Is there a way it can display in right order?

  3. I used a 4GB microSD card with the player.  After I copied some folders to the SD card, I found I can’t remove one of the folders I copied to the card, it gives me an error message about “write proctection”.  I don’t know what does the “write protection” mean for my microSD card, there is no switch for “write protection” on the card.  Also, I can delete other folders on the same card, why?

  4. After I paused in middle of an mp3 file, it won’t be able to remember the place left off.  It plays from the beginning of the file. It’s very inconvient since a single mp3 file could be over 6 hours.  Can it remember the stop point?

I’m very regreted with this player.  I had a Sansa e260 before, it had none of the above problems.  However, it broke in just a little more than 3 months.