This section of the forum seems to have a lot more activity than the Sansa Media Converter section.

I posted a message in that section a few days ago, that may be relevant to Fuze owners like myself. I even came up with a solution which others might find helpful, but I’m afraid that, given the disparity in traffic, very few Fuze owners will see it. Is it O.K. to re-post that message (or to post a new one very similar to it) in this section?

Let me know, thanks. I don’t want to do anything that’s not considered kosher here. :smiley:

Why not briefly explain what it is and link to it? That way it’s not duplicated, yet people here interested can easily find it. :smiley:

Good idea, thank you – though I’ve never inserted a link in a forum message anywhere. Hopefully I’ll figure out how that works.

I’ll post a new thread right away.