Question Regarding Track Doubles - Fuze Ignoring Tracks

Hello Everybody,

Still working on kinks on the Fuze for the parents… 4gb V2 - Blue… Firmware rolled back from .28A due to replaygain not working etc… No point in moving to .28a until properly fixed…

Now as for tracks… I’ve ripped and loaded up 4 eagles cds… There are some doubles now on the fuze… When I playback all Eagles… 1 Album has all doubles in it… The fuze skips the second track (double) and proceeds to the next song…

1 album must be a bad rip as the fuze just skips every track for that album…

I’m guessing I have alot of bad rips… CDs weren’t in good condition… Luckily I do have a ton of music downloaded on other hard drives not hooked up currently though…

Ripped using WMP > 320 MP3… Anybody have a better suggestion for ripping software… Maybe with some sort of ecc?


I rip CDs to FLACs (lossless format), and store those as archives. I convert FLACs to 160Kbps VBR MP3s for listening. Depending on the type of music and whether the person has “golden ears,” you can raise the bitrate higher, to 192 or 256. For the Eagles (soft-rock) type of music, 160 VBR should be fine for most people. The space saving translates to more songs for the 4GB Fuze.

If you are getting bad rips, it might be due to an old CD drive with a worn out laser, although if your disks are very scratched or very dirty that might be a factor. Do you smoke? Some smokers have had plenty of problems with optical drives.

 It might also help to rip the disks at a slower speed if you are getting bad rips. It is a good idea to rip tracks to your pc hard drive, then transfer them to the player later. I don’t know exactly what you are doing so I can’t say why you are getting duplicates of tracks.

Yes, Exact Audio Copy prides itself on battling errors from the CD drive. It’s S-L-O-W but has a good reputation.


is a bare-bones interface for the LAME encoder, which is constantly getting improved (lame_enc.dll). 

You could also use Media Monkey,, which is a nice substitute for nearly all functions of Windows Media Player too. It also uses LAME, but you need to substitute the latest lame_enc.dll for the one that comes with Media Monkey (in C:\Program Files\Media Monkey) because that one times out. 

Funny that you were using WMP. What you describe is usually from Mac OSX, which makes .mp3s as well as a list of 0kb files _01.Firstsong.mp3 (note underscore to start) for the Mac’s Finder to find them. The Sansa loads the 0kb files–it thinks they’re mp3s–and then skips when it doesn’t find any information in those files. They need to be deleted from the Sansa, and from your computer if it doesn’t need them.

I agree that 320 kbps is overkill. 192 kbps is more than fine.   

And get a soft cloth and dilute some dishwashing soap and water to get dirt off CDs, if that’s a problem. Don’t put them into the computer wet, though…

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