Question regarding SansaUpdaterInstall.exe file

Good Morning,  I am a new Sansa Clip user.  Before doing anything I read up on this site about firmware updates etc.  The video that the sticky points to is not up to date I guess, because my installation was a little different.  I went to the site and clicked on the choice under the Sansa Clip (first one) sansa firmware updater.  I chose save to desktop like the video said.  But the screens after that were different.  I had to open the sansaupdaterinstall.exe file on my desktop and then it asked me to agree, etc, then to connect my player and it did its thing.  Found the newest update as you said and installed it, told to disconnect player, player said installation finished.  I checked and new firmware of V02.01.32A is listed now.  It did not tell me to change USB to MSC or anything like that.  I checked my USB setting and it is still auto detect.  Everything seems to be fine.  My question is this (I know this may sound stupid) can I delete that .exe file off my desktop now?  Where is the updater installed?  The video said it would ask you, but it did not.  I went into c>programs, but no Sandisk program there.  Do you know where they put it?  If I go to add/remove it is listed, just curious as to where it as stored.  Any help is greatly appreciated, I am a 58 year old grandma and new to this stuff.  Thanks again, Happy Passover/Easter.   Aliza

I found one of the answers to my questions.  The update installer was put on >C >Documents & Settings >Administrator >Start Menu >Programs >SanDisk.

Is this where it should be installed?  If not should I move it?

Can I delete the desktop file now??

Thanks Aliza

Yes, you can simply delete the file from the desktop.  If you wish to remove the Sansa Updater, go to Programs (from the Start button) > SanDisk > Sansa Updater > Uninstall.


Thanks so much for your quick reply.  I have now deleted the installer file.  Is it ok to leave in the startup folder instead of in the programs folder on c drive.  Do they put it there so when you plug in the clip it checks everytime for an update?? If so is that a problem, I read on the site that a lot of people don’t want it running in the background.  Does it run all the time or just when you attach the clip to the usb on the computer?   Thanks Aliza

With the updated Updater (that has a confusing ring to it), you can leave the application running in the background.  It has been configured to sleep until it sees the combination of a Sansa in need of an available update file.  It only queries the device when plugged in.

Note that the desktop icon is also no longer displayed unless there’s an available update.


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