Question on sdcards and playlist transfers (fuze v2 to fuze+)

First message after reading the forum forever.  Thanks to the developers for continuing to work and support the product.  Thanks to the constructive users for offering feedback.  I haven’t seen this question so far so thought I would ask.

I recently upgraded to a 16 GB fuze+.

I have a 8GB fuze v2 with 16GB micro sdcard and a 8GB fuze v2 with 32GB micro sdcard.  For fuze v2, I put playlists directly on the micro sdcard using the convoluted prescribed way (MSC mode, then MTP, then…whatever…I did it…it worked).

My goal was to take the cards out of the v2 and into the fuze+ and not have to worry about recreating the playlists that are on the card.  However, I quickly noticed that the playlists on the card do not appear when inserted into the fuze+ (regardless if I am in the integrated music list or the sd card section).

Before I complain, I need to say that I understand the product is evolving and I don’t mind working through the change.  The “gapless” playback is a delight (most of my music is continuous house music…it is great to not have to skip a beat between tracks).  The fact that the player supports some of the “newer” file formats is also the primary reason why I finally upgraded.  I have learned how to manipulate the touchscreen so that I can work with it (I tap the cross more than “scroll” it…tapping is more intuitive with the dots at the bottom of the screen).

I won’t complain about the UI sluggishness (yes, I have a full library on both internal and external card - I like all of my stuff on one device).  I know the developers are working on it.  I’m not a huge fan of the SD Card menu, but if it is there…whatever.

However, 2 questions: 

First question is about the playlists from legacy fuze v2 on micro sd cards.  Do I have to recreate them?  (i would prefer to have the flexibility of interchanging the cards between devices).

Second question - when watching videos in fuze v2, tap right once would advance 30 seconds while hold right once would advance by 1 second until released.  However with fuze+, it doesn’t seem to work that way.

I know that this was a long post, but wanted to make sure I was clear with my questions.

Again, I would like to continue to support this product.  Any help you give will be appreciated.

The key to integrating playlists between the microSD card and internal memory is to use pla format playlists, as generated automatically in MTP mode.

The USB controller and processor of the Fuze+ are different, allowing you to see both MSC and MTP-transferred media together, though some device-specific files and folders are only seen in MSC mode.  I haven’t tried this wee experiment, pulling a playlist from the microSD card.

Is this the location of your playlist file, on the card?  MSC transfers require that the path be direct between the list and the music files, but MTP is far more “ecumenical”, allowing the playlist member files to be all over the place.

Video is fun on the Fuze+.  I have plenty of clips built for viewing on the earlier Fuze, loaded on microSD cards, that play directly.  The only drawback is that the resolution of the files is based upon the capabilities of the earlier sister player, with its smaller screen.  Despite this, the video resolution is quite acceptable on the bigger screen.  I really like the 30-second “quick zip” on the earlier Fuze video interface.  There’s a similar function available on the Fuze+, try sweeping on the touchpad gradually, and you’ll see.  You can sweep ahead through the file, watching the video, like a video console “jog wheel” does.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:


I rebuilt the playlists using pla format and save internally.  Discovered that even if I switch out memory cards, the internal playlist does not bomb (and the external MSC playlist can still work if I insert the card into my fuze v2).

Still playing around on video with Fuze+.  I have not had resolution problems.  Although I am noticing that the machine does some weird things sometimes (to alleviate some of the issues, I use the portrait view).  Issues:  1 tap normally advances 1 minute.  However, on some files it advances 2:30 and then 5:45 and then ends the file (although it is a 14 minute clip).  I will try the gradual sweep.

I used my Fuze+ while working out for the past two days to get adjusted to it.  Totally in love with the “gapless” playback.  I will be so grateful once the scrolling/reverse scrolling functionality works.  The lock button on the top has been great.  Biggest issue that I am encountering involves playlists.  Since I am using playlists to manage most of my music, if I am playing a song and the fuze+ goes to the “now playing” screen, it does not always take me back to the playlist I was in, but rather goes to the artist, album, song then playlist (and then to the top of the playlist list).  Navigating (skipping songs while in a playlist) can be a little frustrating while running on treadmill or using the elliptical machine.  But hopefully this will be solved with the scrolling feature (or the developers will address playlist navigation).

Discovered the solution to the video file jump.  Needed to re-convert my mp4 files.  Used Any Video Converter.  Works flawlessly.  Now just need scrolling playlists and easier screen navigation (using back button).  On screen navigation with Fuze v2, while playing a song in a playlist, I would press the down direction (which would take me to a menu), then select “back to music list” and proceed from there.  For fuze+, it seems a little more complicated (if I mis-navigate).  I’ll spend more time with the machine this weekend and hopefully figure it out.