Question on a found Sansa player.

Sansa Player

If the picture does indeed display, above, it will show what a friend of mine recently found.  I saw no model number, on the unit, which is why I uploaded the photo - in hopes that someone might be able to shed some info on it. 


My friend does not have a computer, and (because I also own a Sansa (View) player) he wanted me to check it out for him.  Upon attaching my charging cable to it (assuming that mine would charge the found unit, seeing as how it did properly fit its connection port), I was able to see that the clear ring, surrounding the middle button, did illuminate in blue color.  However, that was ALL I was able to get.  No screen display, or anything else.  So I let it stay connected for a few hours, in hopes that maybe the battery might have needed longer to charge.  But all was to no avail. 


Is it at all possible that the above condition might translate into nothing more than the need for a new battery? (providing, of course, that this particular player would allow for battery replacement). 


Please infom ASAP, if that might indeed be a good possibility.


Advanced thanks,


Apparently, that ‘TinyPic’ upload did niot work, so allow me to give a little description of this player.


This 4GB unit has a black front, with (what appears to be) a stainless steel backing.  on its top is the headphone jack (right side/top), lock/unlock slider and microphone.  On its upper left side is the Record button.  At the bottom is the charging connection port, and on the right side is a MicroSD card slot. 


On the front (just under the screen) is the word Sansa.  Below that is the clear plastic ring, which turns blue when a power connection is made, and which also surrounds one single push button.  On the outer perimeter of that ring are four other push buttons which arc around that ring.  Lastly, there is one other (round) button, below those other four, that sits at the bottom left side of the unit’s face.


I hope this helps to zero on on which model this is, as I could find no info on it at the manufacturer’s site.



                    It didn’t occur to me, before, to give a link to where an image of this player could be found.  Going from left to right, navigate to the 7th unit displayed.  That, will be the one I am addressing.  here is the link:

The picture in your first post is an e200. The blue ring problem usually means it can’t read the firmware. I’d open it up and make sure that the daughter board (little card that contains the memory) didn’t bounce lose when someone dropped it.

Thanks, Saratoga. 

I will certainly give that a shot.  It’s also good to know that the picture did come through.  I couldn’t tell that on my end.

Saratoga, you hit the nail right on its head.  I did just as you had suggested, closed the unit back up and found that this thing jumped right to life.  I really thank you, and offer the same deep thanks on behalf of my friend.  My only regret, in this matter, is that there is someone out there who lost this very nice MP3 player.