Question for Clip+/Rhapsody users...

Do you delete your Rhapsody files in the same way you delete mp3 files (ie, browse and delete from the mounted device) – or do you delete them from within the Rhapsody application?

You can delete Rhapsody wma files using any desired method, from the device itself, from the PC using Windows Explorer, or from the Rhapsody 4 client itself.

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If you delete a Rhapsody album folder via Windows Explorer, does all the corresponding metadata/license stuff get cleaned up too? For example, when I transfer Rhapsody albums, I wind up with thumbnail images in the “Albums” folder on the Clip+ – does all that other stuff get cleaned up? If so, when? (ie, when you detach the USB? When you next connect to a PC that has Rhapsody running?)

One other question – is there a way to hide the Rhapsody Channels section in the Clip+ main menu? Come to think of it, same question about the Slot Radio section – I never use these. (I tried a few Rhapsody Channels, but they didn’t click for me.)

The Rhapsody Channels icon appears once the unit is authorized with Rhapsody.  It’s part of the package.  I like the animation for it- the rotating note is cool.

As for the SR icon, it changes to an SM logo (SlotMusic) if one of these is mounted.

As for the cleanup issue, I’ll have to give that a whirl.  I use MTP mode (as you are with Rhapsody), and many little tasks are automated in this mode.  If the tracks are deleted using the Rhapsody client, I’d venture that the requisite linked data is cleared as well.

I’ll try plucking a few tracks with Windows Explorer and we’ll see what remains. 

The wee album thumbnails are a result of the Clip+ being so very close to the Fuze; the Rhapsody client currently wants to address it as a Fuze too.  If I transfer music from my Clip+ back to the workshop PC, I get the data.

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The Rhapsody Channels & Slot Radio/Music icons are useful if you use those features – but otherwise, they’re just more things to click past, so I was hoping there might be a way to turn them off.

As for “Rhapsody file cleanup” – apart from the WMA files and image files within the Albums folder, isn’t there more stuff that Rhapsody puts onto the Clip+? ie, are the ‘licenses’ stored someplace? And I’ve seen artist metadata displayed on the Clip+ – where is that stored?

My concern (obviously) is that deleting Rhapsody files via Windows Explorer might leave a build-up of unused digital clutter on the Clip… 

The Rhapsody Channels are stored as separate playlists, kept out of the Music folder, and ignored by the Sansa’s “normal” music interface.  This allows you to access and play your favorites without cluttering up the music list with the transient Channels tracks.  If you wish to transfer access of a Channels track to the music library, this is available via the bottom submenu button, or you can set up the “press and hold” function to “add track to library”.

After a track is added, you can access it just like your other music tracks.

In MTP mode, you can play with the Rhapsody Channels using Windows Explorer, even changing the playlist song order if desired.  I’ve pulled up the list occasionally when trying to recall the name of a new song that I heard earlier in the day.

The playlist names only are visible using Windows Media Player, though the tracks can be seen en masse if you select the Internal Memory view using WiMP while the Sync mode is active.

WiMP11 has issues synchronizing the track licenses, if a backup copy of all tracks is transferred from the Sansa.  Go figure.  For those who haven’t heard, I like to think of WiMP as my personal computer poltergeist, as it does excercise a “mind of its own” every now and again.

I prefer to manage Rhapsody tracks using the Rhapsody 4 client, as it is much faster and more consistent than using WiMP.  WiMP is great for ripping tracks from CD and adding album metadata, a task that the R4 client doesn’t always do as consistently.  Using Rhapsody, I found myself opening mp3Tag quite regularly for ID3 tag updates.

Rhapsody incorporates cool artist notes that scroll (center button) when playing individual tracks.  These files are indexed to the individual artist, and are linked from the Rhapsody folder by the player.  If an artist is removed, the client automatically cleans up this file to contain only the required data upon the next synchronization.

The Clip+ shares an improvement with the Fuze, when adding Channels tracks to the library.  They are immediately available without having to synchronize with the Rhapsody client.  The e200 series players would add the selected tracks after synchronization, pulling them from a flagged list.

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I prefer to manage the contents of the Clip+ through Windows Explorer – but it’s still not quite clear to me if I can do that for Rhapsody files (meaning, if I delete Rhapsody files via Windows Explorer, will all the corresponding metadata – album art, license, artist info, etc. – will that get deleted too?).

I do understand about the Rhapsody Channels – but I tried it and found they didn’t pick music I wanted to listen to. So I was just hoping to remove the Rhapsody Channels item from the Clip+'s main menu (the way it wasn’t there before I authorized the device).

And I’ll never use Slot Music/Radio – the Rhapsody menu item at least only shows up when I use Rhapsody – but the Slot Music/Radio menu item is always there, regardless – it’s essentially an ad for Slot Music/Radio, and one that I’m forced to skip past every time I page through the menu – and it would be nice if there was a way to turn that off.

Oh, and the trouble with deleting files from the Clip+ via the Rhapsody app – it’s confusing! I see a long list of hundreds (thousands?) of tracks, and it’s not clear which are from Rhapsdody vs. which are mp3s/flacs that I added separately. 

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There are several tricks to the Rhapsody interface.  In the main view of the client, roll your mouse over the border between the sources / playlist panes and the main list pane.  You can toggle an album / artist / genre list in the center, and by clicking on these filters, the list on the right can be separated for you.

Also, whether the track is a subscription track displays on the right.

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btw, do you happen to know what happens if you drag a Rhapsody playlist (rather than a channel) into the Clip?

I’m actually finding more to like from the playlists rather than the channels – but, assuming that you can drag over a playlist, does it then behave like a channel within the Clip, or do all the tracks show up when you browse your music? 

In the lower left corner of the R4 client, you’ll see the Mixer.  Tis pane shows a running list of the music you’ve been listening to.  Click on the tab labeled “playlists”.  There’s a “new” button in the lower left; press this button to start a playlist, choosing a name for it while New Playlist is highlighted.

From here, drag and drop everything you’d like in the list.  You can change the order of songs to suit your taste by dragging within the pane.

Installing the playlist is one step- all you do is drag it to the playlists folder listed above (in the sources pane) for your Sansa.  After the files transfer, a .pla format playlist file goes automatically to the playlist folder of the device, and the music files themselves are sent to the music folder.

The confusing concept is that a playlist is just that: a list for the player to cue up in sequence for playback.  The music files themselves are all grouped in the music file folder, so you can access the music individually or by playlist.

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Thanks – though I had actually meant the pre-authored playlists found in “Playlist Central” rather than a playlist that I might make myself. Do you just drag the image associated with a Playlist Central playlist into the Clip icon, and then it copies all the tracks as well as the playlist file that queues them in order?

Indeed.  Simply drag and drop to the Playlist folder in the sources pane, right below the Clip+ icon.

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Thanks. But ‘playlist’ files will show up when I browse my music, as opposed to ‘channel’ files, which won’t, correct? If so, is there any way to get Rhapsody playlist files to behave like channel files? ie, I want to be able to download and play a playlist without it cluttering up when I browse for music.

Also, after you’ve listened to the playlist – is there an easy way to delete the playlist and all the files associated with it? 

To pull a playlist and its linked audio files, the Rhapsody 4 client is the most powerful.  Highlight the device, then the playlist.  Select the entire group of files on the right and select delete, if you wish to remove the files themselves.

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@neutron_bob wrote:

To pull a playlist and its linked audio files, the Rhapsody 4 client is the most powerful.  Highlight the device, then the playlist.  Select the entire group of files on the right and select delete, if you wish to remove the files themselves.


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Thanks – that’s a handy tip.

So one last question – any ideas on how I might be ably to make Rhapsody/Clip+ treat a Rhapsody playlist more like a channel? Meaning, I want to be able to play the contents of a playlist, but I don’t want the files cluttering up when I browse my music (in the way that a channel doesn’t).