Question, Clip+ and 4pol connectivity

Hello! I’m about to pick up a Clip+ and Rockbox it, and as I’m getting that, I found it to be a reasonable time to get a new pair of cans as well.

So, my simple question, does the Clip+ get the channels messed up (as most older devices, but not all) when using a 4pol jack (IE, headphones made for smartphones, single 3,5mm jack with stereo and in-line mic)?

I’ve had quite a few bad experiences with such, and whereas I do have a spare adapter from an old pair of Marshall Major’s to fix this, I’d rather not make the player bulkier with a fairly huge adapter. 

Does anyone have any experiences with this, or have a spare pair of cans to try out? Would be highly appreciated!

None that I know of. But have you found out already on what’s causing this for you?

My 4-pole Android plug works just fine.