Question and one problem


1.- Sorry for my english, i don’t write very well. I have a low level of english.

2.- Question:

I can’t delete one carpet in my drive. I see the carpet in windows explorer, but i can’t delete… 

The massage say:   “El elemento ya no está ubicado en la unidad” - “This element is no longer in this drive C:”

Do you think this is a SSD problem? or maybe a Windows Problem?

3.- Problem: 

I can’t play mare than five minutes one game.  “No man’s Sky”. The game crashes and freeze the computer. I check the VGA, RAM, and power suply and are OK, but i can’t check the SSD Unit.

I download some programs like: “SanDisk SSD Toolkit”, “SSDlife Free” and “HDD Guardian”, but i don’t find any program to check the good work of the SSD unit…

My SSD Unit is:

Model: SanDisk Ultra II 480GB.

Serial Nº: 160710803975.

Firmware: X41100RL.

Version ATA: Reserved (ATA8-ACS)

Sata Generation: 3

Mundial names: 5001B448B4461846.

Compatibles functions: DSM (TRIM), SMART, Security, NCQ, APM.

Can i download any software to check, the SSD Unit? Where?

Thank you for your atention.

Best regards

Scar Cp.