Question about Yahoo Music Unlimited

With yahoo music unlimited do i have to pay for every song i download to my Sansa Connect via wifi or do i get a bill every month.

Billed per month or annually.

If you go to and subscribe, you will only be able to download the music to your PC and play it.  Songs will not play on your Connect if you attempt to transfer them using this subscription!

If you want to be able to transfer the tracks to your Connect, and take full advantage of the music search, play, and transfer on-demand features, you need to subscribe to Yahoo Music Unlimited TO GO service which is available here:

If you have this subscription, you can download, play and transfer music to your PC AND any subscription-enabled portable player, as long as your subscription is active.  Cost for the subscription is $14.99/month (after 30 day free trial).  To continue to play tracks if you cancel your subscription, you will need to purchase the track(s).  To avoid DRM protected purchases, you may want to buy tracks from a DRM-free MP3 music source like, instead of Yahoo, which is currently only offering DRM protected WMA files.

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Thanks for the help.