Question about wireless downloads

I just got my To Go service up and running, but I can’t seem to get any albums or songs to download wirelessly.  It says that the files were added to the download manager, but when I go look at it, there are no songs in there at all.  Any advice?

have you read the sticky about the service being discontinued? im guessing no

I understand that the service is being discontinued, but until July it should be working, hence why I asked if others were having this same problem.

ah, i thought it was done already. My apologies. Are you able to connect to wifi without issues and listen to wireless radio and all that jazz? It seems like you can, based on your post.

Might have to call support on this one, 866sandisk.

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I looks like I jumped the gun, I waited about 10 minutes and the download queue popped up.  I may be too ADD for this device!  haha

lol, we want results now dammit.

Actually, I can’t seem to get anything to download, I’ve been waiting and waiting, and I only occasionally get albums to load into my download manager.  I’m not sure if there’s no access to the complete yahoo music library or what.

Have you tried power cycling the connect?  Hold down the power button for 15 seconds without letting go, then turn it back on.