Question about using this player when working out


Just bought a 4gb clip. I am primarily going to use it when working out. I have a tendency to sweat quite a bit when I work out. Should I by the dlo action jacket, a generic neoprene case and armband or just clip it? Any suggestions would be helpful.




I have been using a 2 GB clip at gym. I just clip the Clip:smiley: at my tank top. No problem with my sweat getting on it. Make sure it is not touching your skin. I had a bad experience with a cheap mp3 player (Centon). The paint just peeled off. I kept it under my shirt.

If you lift weights, armbands don’t work well. I found it uncomfortable. 

I don’t know if you need it, but I have a DLO and it’s good quality and would serve well.  (It’s also too expensive, but that’s a different story; fortunately, I got one at a good and fair/rationale price on eBay.)

I’m with ya. I can’t see spending $20 for a jacket when I only spent $44 for the clip. Any info you can provide to me on the ebay user id of the person you bought it from would be great. I can check if they have another.

Thanks again,


The seller was resounding77 at ebay, although he’s not an “ebay store”–my impression was that this just was a one-off sale (and he currently doesn’t have any items up for sale).  Sorry–and good luck in finding one!