Question about playing mp3 files from Sansa View thru TV

I have an av cable that allows me to play video files stored on my Sansa View thru the TV with no problem.  As the TV has the best speakers in the house, I’d like to play music files thru them too.  But I can’t get that to happen.  Any thoughts anyone?

I’m only replying because no one did yet.  I really am only guessing, but if you have an audio in with white and red leads, maybe you could adapt you headphone out to the audio in red and white jacks on the tv and get sound when you toggle your TV through it’s inputs until you find that one.

Thanks for taking the time, jjccl, but that one doesn’t work either – headphone jack plug thru audio in sockets was the first thing I tried [unsuccessfully] before buying the current cable, which links the View’s charging port to the tv’s av in sockets. As I say, works fine for video but not for music.  Srtange, eh?