Question about manual firmware update

I’m trying install the latest firmware update. The Sansa Updater download isn’t working for me so I’m trying to do it manually.  I’ve downloaded and opened the fuzea.bin file and I have the Fuze connected in MSC mode.  I’m not seeing the “internal memory” folder on the Fuze.  Do I need to change the usb mode to MTP or Auto Detect to see the internal memory folder?

You won’t see an “Internal Memory” folder. You should see a new drive letter; in my case it is named 'SANSA FUZE". If there is a memory card, there will be a second drive letter but the first one will be the internal flash memory. Just drag your bin file to the drive letter for the Fuze. Make sure it has at least 50% charge, then disconnect it and you’re done.

‘Internal Memory’ is the label when you are connected in MTP mode. In MSC, it shows up as 2 separate drives as explained by bdb.

Thank you bdb and tapeworm.  I successfully updated the firmware. :slight_smile: