Question about default folder structure...


I am proud owner of Sansa Clip Zip and just wonder some things:

  1. What is supposed to be used for ALBUM folder (located in the root of enternal memory)

  2. What if I accidentally delete the SYS files in the root of enternal memory? Are they “lifekeeping” for the player or they will be automatically reCreated?

Except this, my only problem is I need more free time to enjoy the music.

As a general matter, you can put your music, etc. files and folders anywhere you want on your Clip (including in the external card)–the Clip will find them and add them to the database. (You also can create your own folders, to store files and sub-folders and help you stay organized.) More than anything, the pre-existing folders are there to help keep you organized, and so that you can find things when you connect to your computer. The only exceptions to this that I am aware of are the Podcasts and Audiobooks (and Audible?) folders, which have extra search and play benefits to being used for files of those types–recommended you do so.