Question about battery life vs version nr.

This morning I received my Clip 2GB and it is now charging.
Having read the thread about self-discharging I checked which version I have (I still have to update the firmware) and it is v.01.01.18F. Does that mean that I may rest assured that the battery is o.k ? In other words, is it confirmed meanwhile that this version doesn’t have the self-discharging problem anymore ?

Oh, and how do you know if it is fully charged ? Will the battery icon stop flashing then ?

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The discharge issue almost certainly is a hardware issue and not soft/firmware related.  Still recommended that you upgrade to the latest firmware.  And you’ll know the battery is done charging when the battery icon stops flashing and shows as full, when charging.  3-4 hours to finish charging, from empty.

Thanks for your reply.
Regarding the self-discharging issue however I meant that from the thread I understood that players that have v.01.01.18 installed are apparently from a newer batch and don’t have the problem. Or isn’t that confirmed yet ?

I may be wrong, but I think that is more the hope than anything that’s been established.

rijnton: Afraid it’s only speculation at this point. I noted that the three Clips I had with the self-discharge problem all came with FW version 11.  I haven’t seen the original FW version mentioned by others that had this problem.

I wish you had tried it before you charged it. I bought mine from Walmart online and it played right out of the package and had a 40% charge on it. I asked on these Fora when they stopped manufacturing Clips with the 01 01 18 Firmware and was told it was late Oct, 2007. This told me that it had only dropped 60% over a 3 month period. Not bad, and I was pretty certain that I had a good unit. I then upgraded to 01 01 20a and my Clip is a dream…Jack

I did check it before charging and it was empty and couldn’t be switched on.
But I think I am o.k. Last night, about 12 hours ago, I checked the battery status in MTP  modus (right-click on device and properties) and it was 89%. That was after around 1 hour of playback. Now, 12 hours later and without playback, it is still 89%.

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